Messi: It's Time To Win The World Cup

Barcelona superstar, Lionel Messi, affirmed that it is time for Argentina to win their first World Cup since 1986, and the appointment of Diego Maradona has the potential to increase their possibilities of doing so...Lionel Messi commented about Argentina's fate in the World Cup in Germany, where he feels they were "unlucky against Germany", but had they won that match they would have "reached the final and would have won it."
The Barcelona striker admitted that Argentina played a good tournament, and they "showed their potential against Yugoslavia", a match which ended in an extraordinary 6-0 victory for Los Albicelestes.
"Like I say, I always want to be everywhere. But it is something which has to be sorted out between the club (Barcelona) and AFA", declared Messi, who stated that he has no problem with Diego Maradona, on the contrary he is looking forward to working with him.
"I think for everything Diego signifies for us, he can transmit all his experience as a player and he can give us a lot. He has a great relationship with all the players, and he won't have problems with anyone, because we all like him a lot. It would be great to have him as close as possible," he explained.
Since Maradona's controversial appointment on Tuesday, the Argentine press has gone to the extreme by suggesting that if Maradona can't even get his life together, it will be impossible for him to take care of a group of high-profile players. But Messi insists that both are very different things.
"What Diego has done outside of football has nothing to do with this. What we have to look at is what he did inside of football, and for us the Argentines, he is a great person. The most important thing is for him to put together a good group, and that will allow us to triumph," he concluded.


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