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who does not know with a blog, a blog become trend that can not be separated, with a blog we can share information, and exchange of knowledge, according to the field that we understand, in addition, blogs can also be as a place to campaign and to making money online, many places and many ways to get money from the blog, one of them is payingpost, in this site we get paid to post, PayingPost is a PTR(paid to review) program that can be followed by you as early in making money online, because it does not need to blog with high PR and Alexa Rank. We can already get at least U.S. $ 5 per post, but the better blogs that have high PR and Alexa Rank also take precedence. In this program is a system of payment is sent to work waiting for work, can be spelled out and fight, because sometimes the work in accordance with the category blog, and we only provide very limited number of posts so that the opportunity was taken up by other bloggers, because if we follow this program, we only create opportunities For someone who does not know how the money blog, this is the first thing you should do. Search ads in the blog and see what you have. You can promote and make money from your blog by using them. Why is it so important? Think about the real market, such as shopping centers. How they can attract visitors to the mall? They are doing a campaign. Of course they will spend money on it, but also get money from the store. This also works for your blog, and that way you have to know how to bring customers to visit your blog That is how the blog advertising works, and if you interest to making money online please join to paying post to get money with your blog,


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