Happy Family With The Same Adolescent Happy

Almost every day, we can see and read from both the media and television media, the number of criminal acts by young people (ranging from rape to drug use) background by family problems such as lack of attention, affection, and mutual understanding between young people and families . from here we can pull the threads merahnya, that conditions in the family is very influential on the attitudes and behavior of adolescents. there are things in the family, such as love, understanding, and attention that can not be purchased by the material, that economic factors determine the attitudes and behavior of adolescents is not entirely correct. adolescents from the economic conditions of families that tend to lower secondary is not necessarily to make the youth to be a negative figure, as well as vice versa, not always young people from families with economic conditions have a street attitude and behavior better. Things such as togetherness, another opens, and the felt is more things that influence in shaping attitudes and behavior of adolescents themselves. it's expected that parents can understand their children's teeth in and behave, the parents should understand the needs of youth, not only material needs, but more a psychological needs such as the mentioned earlier. Many things can be done by parents to be able to meet the psychological needs of its youth, this can be started from the most simple things done that ordinary day-to-day at home, such as eating together, talking while chatting with the young people, ask how conditions in the school or its lecture it, do not ask things that are angle the youth, scroll the topics that will create a light atmosphere of relaxation and togetherness is strong among parents and adolescents.


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