Sport Psychology

Psychology science of studying human behavior in the relationship with their environment, from the behavior of simple to the complex. Human behavior that were there, but there also does not realize that, and behavior that is displayed can someone from the outside or from within himself. Scientific psychology are applied in the field of sport psychology known as sports. The application of psychology in the field of sports is to help that talent in sports which have a self can be developed as well as possible and without restriction factor-factors that are in virginity. In other words, the general goal of sports psychology is to help someone that can show the optimal performance, better than previous Why Required in Sports Psychology Sports? The increasing stress in the game can cause athletes to react negatively, both in terms of physical or psychological, so the ability to decrease the exercise. They may become tense. increased pulse, cold sweat, worried results, and they feel difficult to concentrate. These conditions often cause the athlete can not show the best games. The trainers also put interest in the field of sports psychology, especially in controlling stress. Sport psychology is also needed for the athletes to think about. they exercise and what they want to achieve? Once the objective in mind, the exercise-psychological skills training can help reach that goal. How Can Sports Psychology Help Athletes Have To have the good performance? The rigid mental, as well as engineering and physical, will be obtained through the exercise planned, organized, and systematic. In building a psychological or mental aspects of athletes, first of all need to realize that every athlete should be considered individually, a different one with the other. To help identify the profile of each athlete, psychological examination can be done, which is known as the "Psikotes", with the assistance psikometri. Psychological profile athlete is usually a description of the personality in general, intellectual potential. thought power and functions associated with the sport. Profile athletes in general do not change much from time to time. For that reason, people often assume that candidates can be talented athletes solely from psikologis profile. Such presumption is mistaken, because the psychological description of someone does not guarantee success or failure in performance sport, because many other factors that influence. Some psychological aspects can be improved through psychological skills training (described later) that planned and systematic, the implementation is highly dependent of the athlete's commitment to the program.


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