English Challenge Brazil in Qatar

London - English football FA's Association will hold a counter-Brazil friendly match in Qatar, in November. What are the goals to be achieved by coach Fabio Capello this test? AFP reported, The Three Lions will be tested the power of Samba at Khalifa International Stadium, Doha, Qatar, 14 November. "Playing against Brazil is a class team what is important to us. From this action, we can find out more about our strengths and our level must achieve to be the best team," said Capello revealed the purpose behind the choice of Brazil as opposed to duel. In some trials action that has been done before, Wayne Rooney et al. never faced a visit to the headquarters of powerful countries such as Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands. This time, England will also melakoni friendship party outside the cage. "In this fight-fight, and fight against Brazil, we are playing away. This is very important before you go into South Africa," said coach Don Fabio's nickname. June 2007, England had to deal with Brazil in friendlies. When same was strong final score 1-1. As for next year, the UK also has an agenda a few trials but has not been determined opponents. The test will be held mid-March and at the end of the league season.


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