Start CR9 important to Madrid

In the first two weeks of La Liga, he successfully made a goal. Thus even in the Champions League, where he immediately bought up two goals. Cristiano Ronaldo began to prove that his presence is crucial now for Real Madrid. One goal he created when he lowered Madrid Deportivo La Coruna 3-2 in the opening of La Liga on August 29, ago. Two weeks ago, Portugal's players returning passports to repeat a similar performance in the cage Espanyol. When the Madrid wins with a score of 3-0. Took a few days later, on Wednesday (16/9/2009) dawn WIB, Ronaldo showed he could perform more acute. Two goals in his Champions League with Madrid at the time 5-2 against FC Zurich. Two goals 24-year-old player was born equally free-kick from the execution. The first born in the 27th minute, while the last one he made in 89 minutes. This berrarti he always scored goals in his last three games with the Los blancos. Seeing this, coach Manuel Pellegrini called 185 cm figure it plays began to show that his presence among the 11 players who competed in the Madrid field is important enough. Pellegrini added, however, Ronaldo did not need to prove anything to Los Merengues. "He has showed the importance of its presence in the games he has lived. Today he showed that he was good to execute a free kick. However, as a player, he did not need to prove anything," he said as reported by Reuters. Then, how do you respond Ronaldo himself? The player who is now called Cr9 it would prefer to discuss the chance to Madrid took the title this season. "The most important thing is to win the first game and started the game well in Europe. The team played well and I am pleased with the results achieved." "They say we are favorites in the Champions League, but we must move step by step. I know we will achieve our goals," said the most expensive player in the world.


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