FIFA Laws Chelsea

Chelsea's players are prohibited to do some shopping for rules infringer. Chelsea found guilty of violating the rules by persuading the player to decide his contract with another club before joining them. Violation of this rule occurs when Gael Kakuta decided to not continue the contract at Lens and then joined Chelsea. Later known if Chelsea are involved in termination of contract player before him up. For that reason, and the evidence available, FIFA imposed the ban Chelsea buying new players up to two years. "DRC has decided to find players that he signed a contract with French club. And then, knowing all that DRC is governed by English club to make termination of the contract," said FIFA statement. "As a result, players are required to pay compensation to the value of 780 thousand euros. As for the club, Chelsea, as proven involvement, sports sanctions imposed on the players and clubs in accordance with article 17 points to 3 and 4 of the Status and Transfer Regulation Player." "The ban of four months to play in official matches dropped on Kakuta. Chelsea prohibited from registering new players, either nationally or internationally, for the two registration periods before receiving further notice. In addition, the club, Chelsea have to pay compensation to the value of Lens 130 thousand euros.


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