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The summer is a festival of football itself in the industry. Since the transfer window system was introduced, all football lovers look forward to the latest player news that reinforces the club idol respectively. After a relatively quiet last year, the stock transfer of the summer 2009 transfer presents a series of players who crowded about. Among other activities thanks to a sensational Real Madrid and Manchester City, other clubs such as the power to fix triggered squad. The result, this is one of the most colorful stock transfer in the history of modern football. Parameters is clear, the world record for the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United to Real Madrid. Now, turn to arrange transfer of the top 25 that occurred in Europe during this summer.This is the complete list based on alphabetical order: 1. (Liverpool) Position: Midfielder Nationality: Italian Club: AS Roma Transfer Fee: £ 17,800,000 The brief notes: Could be a substitute Xabi Alonso in the draft strategy Rafael Benitez? 2. Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich) Position: wing / forward wing Nationality: Dutch Home Club: Real Madrid Transfer Fee: £ 21,360,000 Note short: One of the surprising transfer this summer. Bundesliga hopefully come shine thanks to Robben. 3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) Position: wing / forward Nationality: Portugal Club: Manchester United Transfer Fee: £ 83,660,000 Short note: most expensive transfer in the history of football. Now, Ronaldo must prove kepantasannya on the field. 4. Demy de Zeeuw (Ajax Amsterdam) Position: Midfielder Nationality: Dutch Club of origin: AZ Alkmaar Transfer Fee: £ 7,120,000 Short notes: Ajax should be the right choice for De Zeeuw after removing the opportunity to appear in the Champions League ... 5. Diego (Juventus) Position: Midfielder Nationality: Brazil Club: Werder Bremen Transfer Fee: £ 21,805,000 The brief notes: The presence Diego Juventus guaranteed up appearances better than last season. 6. Emmanuel Adebayor (Manchester City) Position: Striker Nationality: Togo Club: Arsenal Transfer Fee: £ 25,810,000 Short notes: Adebayor claimed to move not because of money and the early appearance this season began to prove it. 7. Fabio Quagliarella (Napoli) Position: wing / forward Nationality: Italian Club: Udinese Transfer Fee: £ 16,020,000 Short note: Son of regional pride to defend the club. Two side benefits Quagliarella and Naples. 8. Felipe Melo (Juventus) Position: Defensive Midfielder Nationality: Brazil Club: Fiorentina Transfer Fee: £ 22,250,000 The brief notes: Melo growing rapidly in the last two seasons and now with Juventus, it's time to achieve the prestigious title! 9. Gareth Barry (Manchester City) Position: Defensive Midfielder Nationality: English Club: Aston Villa Transfer Fee: £ 12,371,000 The brief notes: Among the other top clubs, Barry chose City. Must provide the same performance level as when defending Villa. 10. Glen Johnson (Liverpool) Position: Right Defender Nationality: English Club Portsmouth Transfer Fee: £ 18,245,000 Short note: The player who performed brilliantly last season. Johnson's presence should make more calm Rafael Benitez. 11. Kaka (Real Madrid) Position: Midfielder Nationality: Brazil Club: AC Milan Transfer Fee: £ 57,850,000 The brief notes: origin is not trapped in ego conflict with the other star, Kaka could reap success in Spain. 12. Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) Position: Striker Nationality: French Club: Olympique Lyon Transfer Fee: £ 31,150,000 Short note: Now is time for Benzema to be a player needs at the right time by the club. 13. Lisandro Lopez (Olympique Lyon) Position: Striker Nationality: Argentina Club: FC Porto Transfer Fee: £ 21,360,000 Brief note: the new mainstay Lyon after the departure of Karim Benzema, Lopez is the opportunity to achieve a high reputation. 14. Lukas Podolski (FC Cologne) Position: Striker Nationality: German Club: Bayern Munich Transfer Fee: £ 8,900,000 The brief notes: Is the decision back to the club who raised his name to restore the reputation of Podolski? 15. Luis Valencia (Manchester United) Position: wing / attacking midfielder Nationality: Ecuador Club: Wigan Athletic Transfer Fee: £ 16,821,000 Short notes: No Cristiano Ronaldo, but Valencia have contributed no less important this season. 16. Marcus Berg (Hamburg SV) Position: Striker Nationality: Sweden Club: FC Groningen Transfer Fee: £ 8,900,000 Short note: Candidates who feared striker in Europe. Hamburg somewhat fortunate to be able to test this skill. 17. Mario Gomez (Bayern Munich) Position: Striker Nationality: German Club of origin: VfB Stuttgart Transfer Fee: £ 26,700,000 Short notes: Move to Bayern, Gomez established a reputation as a top striker, Germany. Now it's time to reap high achievement! 18. Mauro Zarate (Lazio) Position: Striker Nationality: Argentina Club: Al Sadd (Qatar) Transfer Fee: £ 17,800,000 The brief notes: Finally able mempermanenkan Lazio Zarate services. Let's expect more goals from him this season! 19. Peter Crouch (Tottenham Hotspur) Position: Striker Nationality: English Club Portsmouth Transfer Fee: £ 9,345,000 Short notes: For the umpteenth time, career-mediated Crouch Harry Redknapp. Will the huge success this coming season? 20. Samuel Eto'o (Inter Milan) Position: Striker Nationality: Cameroon Club Origin: Barcelona Transfer Fee: £ 17,800,000 Short notes: Moving to a new club does not make Eto'o lost his hunger for success on the gridiron. 21. Stewart Downing (Aston Villa) Position: left wing Nationality: English Club: Middlesbrough Transfer Fee: £ 11,570,000 Short note: I hope the injury does not much bother Downing appearances this season. The World Cup was waiting for him. 22. Wesley Sneijder (Inter Milan) Position: Midfielder Nationality: Dutch Home Club: Real Madrid Transfer Fee: £ 13,350,000 The brief notes: Cold Hands Jose Mourinho should be able to hone Sneijder become Europe's best midfielders. 23. Xabi Alonso (Real Madrid) Position: Defensive Midfielder Nationality: Spain Club: Liverpool Transfer Fee: £ 31,506,000 Short note: Do not look back, Xabi must exert his best abilities for Madrid. 24. Yoann Gourcuff (Girondins Bordeaux) Position: Midfielder Nationality: French Club: AC Milan Transfer Fee: £ 13,350,000 The brief notes: Loss of AC Milan's largest and abundant blessings for Bordeaux. Increasingly believed Gourcuff is "the new Zidane '? 25. Zlatan Ibrahimović (Barcelona) Position: Striker Nationality: Sweden Club: Inter Milan Transfer Fee: £ 62,300,000 Short note: Gambling is the greatest Barcelona this season. Ibrahimovic should provide the perfect excuse to answer.


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