Know The History Of Football

Many people think football was born in England. It turned out that football is meant that the modern football, but before it had been found in football since 3000 years ago in various parts of the world in the form of different. The ball never found the evidence as a game of soldiers century China about 2 to 3 times the Han Dinasty government. Later found also evidence of the existence of soccer in Kyoto, Japan. In Indonesia, the football was first introduced by the Dutch, its development was to make football into a prestigious group at that time. The birth of modern football was born from the UK. Its existence was used as a sport "war". At that time there was a rebound of interest between the UK and Scotland. One ball grabs two villages. The game also tends to coarse and brutal. No wonder that eventually a lot of eating the victim. There is also a horrible story. That the ancient football in the east of England are not using the ball, but the head of the war against the enemy soldiers. By the way, and the pattern of such game, then football eventually banned by the British government. On 26 October 1863, eleven London clubs and schools sent their representatives to a meeting at Freemanson's Tavern for mengkukuhkan one basic rule for the rules of the game they will play. From this meeting was born The Football Association. Strength is more solid group to make a hot fan of Rugby. On December 8, 1863 the rugger (call for rugby) decided to split up. Now there is Rugby School and the Football Association. In 1869, the members of The Football Association (often called Asscociation) began mengkukuhkan ban while playing ball. This is the beginning of hands-ball rule. Charles Wreford Brown is pemainrugger reliable, rugby rugger is the name comes from the slang term in the Oxford student who likes to shorten the title and given a particle at the end of the "er" - rug + er = rugger. One time Charles has to offer whether he wants to play rugger? But he refused to menyebukan that he would prefer SOCCER (tubes from the Association). Since then the term is often used soccer began. Year 1888, William McGregor - the club manager approached 12 Aston Villa soccer club is available to perform routine duel later given the name English Football League. The twelve clubs are: - Accrington (Old Reds) - Aston Villa - Blackburn Rovers - Bolton Wanderers - Burnley - Derby County - Everton - Notts County - Preston North End - Stoke City - West Bromwich Albion - Wolverhampton Wanderers Kick-off the first time the league began on 8 September 1888. Since then, I just realized that FOOTBALL is the official title, while SOCCER used as a term in-formal.


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