Contestants 23 Team World Cup 2010

After the last Matchday World Cup 2010 Qualifying, held simultaneously on Thursday (15/09/2009) WIT dawn, as many have 23 sure can be a ticket to South Africa 2010. From the European zone, Switzerland and Slovakia became two last countries to make sure he gets tickets to the World Cup finals in 2010. In his last fight in Group 2, Switzerland 0-0 draw against Israel which ensures he gets the top 21 standings with a score. As for Slovakia to ensure participation for the first time in the World Cup after a 1-0 victory to take home in a visit to Poland, with a points total of 22 troops Vladimír Weiss stands firmly at the top. Switzerland and Slovakia following the seven other European countries which had already been to ensure escape. Other representatives from the Blue Continent is the Netherlands (Group 9), England (Group 6), Spain (Group 5), Germany (Group 4), Danish (Group 1), Serbia (Group 7) and Italy (Group 8). Also new kelolosannya ensure the final seconds of a strong Argentina team. 10 people competed against players of Uruguay, to make sure he gets the position Albiceleste four zones CONMEBOL standings after winning 1-0. With a total points obtained amounted to 28, 'Tango' became the last team from North America who got a ticket to South Africa. This zone of Brazil became the first team away, followed it is then Paraguay and Chile. Meanwhile, the Black Continent, the African Cup champions four times, Ghana, became the first team to make sure to participate in the 2010 World Cup. Following their steps and is Ivory Coast. Unlike the other zones which had undergone the last Matchday on this morning, the new zone will be completed CAF on 14 November. The total African continent will send five representatives to the World Cup which means there are three other countries would follow Ghana and Ivory Coast qualify directly. The big surprise came in the zone following the success of Asia North Korea stepped into the final round. Though this be the second time they escaped, successfully breaking the dominance of middle-eastern negar be an extraordinary capian for the communist country. Three other countries are so representative of Asia in Africa later in 2010 was South Korea, Australia and Japan. CONCACAF zone strength while still continuing its dominance in the 2010 World Cup qualification is following the success of the United States and Mexico sit in positions one and two. Was one other ticket obtained Honduras, the first after the first escape in 1982 ago. The following teams have qualified for ensuring the World Cup 2010 UEFA: Danish, German, Spanish, English, Serbian, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovakia AFC: North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Australia CONMEBOL: Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina CAF: Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, South Africa (the host) CONCACAF: United States, Mexico, Honduras. Team play-off round UEFA (8): Russia, France, Greece, Portugal, Ukraine, the Republic of Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia AFC (1): Bahrain * OFC (1): New Zealand * CONCACF (1): Uruguay ** CONMEBOL (1): Costa Rica ** CAF (6): Cameroon, Gabon, Tunisia, Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt. * One ticket will be contested between OFC vs. AFC Zone (Bahrain vs New Zealand) * Something similar happened in the CONMEBOL zone vs. CONCACF (Uruguay vs. Costa Rica)


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