Landon Donovan USA Player of the Year

Landon Donovan has assessed the contribution of the United States national team in this year. For that he was given the award again the best U.S. soccer player for the sixth time, a record in that arena. Donovan, who is also the youngest player ever won the award when he first got it years ago in 2002, chosen to be the best by 221 American journalists. He won by a landslide number of its competitors. LA Galaxy player 27-year-old Yahoosport have recorded 424 points, beat two players who perform in the competition England goalkeeper Tim Howard (267 points), who plays for Everton, and Hull striker 19-year-old Jozy Altidore (178 points), who borrowed from Spanish club Villarreal. The official awards show, Honda Player of Year is eligible for Donovan digondolnya considered very important role in the U.S. rate in 2010 through the World Cup and the football team's domestic actions 'Uncle Sam' at parties Confederations Cup. "I think for me to be part of the team, this year, except in 2002 (when the U.S. reaches World Cup quarterfinals), is the best in the national team traveled. So to be part of it, and given a special credit, very cool," I'm Donovan. Players are also still the all time topskorer the U.S. national team - with 42 goals in 120 action - has won the Honda Player of Year for three consecutive years from 2002 until 2004, then three consecutive years from 2007 to 2009. The success of the United States through the World Cup finals in 2010 alone not only produced the award for Donovan, but also meets one of three personal goals that he had planned at the beginning of the season. "One is to qualify for the World Cup. Both the Galaxy reach the playoffs. Menjai And third is a more complete player because I've mencapapi this point in my career," he said at the VOA. The third target, according to Donovan, has achieved everything. U.S. to South Africa thanks to the 3-2 victory over Honduras early October and made it to LA Galaxy playfoff for the first time since 2005. Honda Player of Year in itself is a tribute to the best soccer player in the U.S. national team, which the winner is determined by the choice of the sports media in the country. Donovan is the highest winning the title since this event began in 1991 ago.


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