Cole Select Wives Than Football

As presented in front of two choices between a football game or encourage his own wife, Ashley Cole turned out to prefer the first option. Why? Ashley Cole is currently shin injury suffered. That's why he did not enter into the England squad who are undergoing action-friendlies in Qatar. As 'Three Lions' final against Brazil last week, Cole was only able to observe his colleagues via television. After watching England's defeat, he continued to watch the Irish Republican French counterintelligence. Well, when Cole sit back and watch football, in fact the wife was not far away and at work. Cheryl was a juror in the middle of the show The X Factor. So instead of encouraging his wife from the audience, Cole actually prefer watching football party. The unique event in itself to watch him do in the locker room Cheryl. "We thought he would give encouragement to Cheryl with a watch, but Cole remains even in the locker room Cheryl. There is a TV and quite comfortable," said a source at The Sun. "He certainly should have on the field with the team if it does not hurt, so I think it would be strange if he watched Jedward (John & Edward, star of X Factor 2009 season) is live," continued the source. Cheryl careful tantrums, Cole.


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