Who Want Senderos?

Philippe Senderos had been a mainstay Arsenal back line. But because the chance now to be able to play anything difficult, Senderos was resigned and ready to migrate. Arsenal started to defend the 2003 season and been eating into the core team in 2005, Senderos started his career at London club with a promise. Appearance in the last apiknya make him believe Arsene Wenger appears to be the starter 19 times in the Premier League and seven times in the Champions League. Two seasons later, defender 24-year-old Swiss is also still a major choice in the defense noted Soccernet Arsenal despite criticism he has an all-out on the 2007/08 season when Arsenal are bent Liverpool in the Champions League. At the end of the 2007/08 season also tuntaslah sweet times together Senderos 'Warehouse Bullets'. In the 2008/09 season, he was loaned to AC Milan and made his future at Arsenal is not so clear. Senderos on his return to Arsenal this season, he could really marginalized. Recorded only two times he appeared to be the starter in the English League Cup. "I have to find a solution because I did not play for Arsenal. Substitution team in the winter is a choice, I'm open to all opportunities," he admitted on ESPN Star. In the summer time Senderos is going to join Everton in the end though there is no realization of nothing. By the opening of the winter transfer market, Everton will again dispekulasikan opportunity to recruit him. "These are difficult times. This is a test and I had to get away, but I believe in God and should remain strong,".


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