Huntelaar Milan Win

Milan success shorten their points difference with Inter maximum after successfully stealing 2-0 victory over Catania at the Estadio Massimino, Monday (30/11) morning pm. Two dramatic goals Klaas Jan Huntelaar in the second half injury time to ensure the benefits of Milan in this fight. As a result, with the addition of three numbers, Milan are now collecting up to 28 digits to 14 giornata. The position of Milan also rose to second place because of this victory, as well as cut the difference in points with Inter into seven figures. While Catania are still stuck in the red zone, still with a collection of nine of their numbers, as before. Milan appeared pressing since the first round began. Also owned a number of opportunities that Leonardo force, though failed to break the deadlock until the first half finished. In the second half, Milan made the pressure more intense. Alex Pato, Marco Borriello, Filippo Inzaghi and Clarence Seedorf kicks off turns toward the goal that has not been too fruitful. Huntelaar is entered in the second round also participated threatened the home team's goal and finally broke the deadlock just before the long whistle blown. After the cooperation of two with Inzaghi, Huntelaar kick off the left foot by placing the ball away from the reach of goalkeeper Catania. Goals, Milan winning 1-0 when the injury time to enter the third minute. Not stop there. Huntelaar scored again with lobnya kick two minutes later, Milan and ensure victory in this fight. Teams: Catania: Andujar; Bellusci, Silvestre, Spolli, Alvarez; Biagianti, Carboni, Llama (Izco 61); Martinez, Mascara (86 Potenza); Morimoto (Ricchiuti 76) Milan: Dida; Abate, Nesta, Thiago Silva, Zambrotta (Antonini 66); Flamini (Huntelaar 83), Ambrosini; Pato, Seedorf, Ronaldinho; Borriello (Inzaghi 74)


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