Barca Win El Clasico

Barcelona was still too strong for Real Madrid. El Clasico in action at Camp Nou, Barca back to beat Madrid 1-0, Monday (30/11). This makes perfect outcome Barca back to reach the top of Spanish Primera Liga standings. Collecting 29 points from 12 matches. One point adrift of Madrid who had to settle down to position two. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the key to success Barca. Recovering from an injury, Ibra appearing in the second round, giving his goal 55 minutes. Full action this prestige, Madrid initiative started earlier attacks. 5 minute, Kaka opened the opportunity to provide feedback to Gonzalo Higuain, but this opportunity is still broken Victor Valdes. Cristiano Ronaldo tried to re-build the attack from the left side past the guard dengen Carles Puyol, but still can be defeated. After Madrid, Barca's turn to attack. The pressure came from Messi who provide feedback to Thierry Henry. But Casillas easily defend his goal. Similarly Xavi free-kick which can still be driven. 20th minute, Ronaldo is the first time appeared in the El Clasico fight almost scored a goal into Barca's goal after Kaka utilizing feedback. But Valdes managed to hold the kick Ronaldo with his right foot. Opportunity Los blancos again present six minutes later by Marcelo but that appears neat Puyol defense managed to keep its defense to secure the line. Henry is trying to create opportunities for his team despite not reaching the target, as well as Andres Iniesta almost break Iker Casillas's goal. After the break, Barca began to find his best game. The attack started from Messi, but he was too tight defense kept Madrid. 51 minutes, Ibrahim went to replace Henry. It took four minutes for Ibra who are recovering from injury to score a goal. Daniel Alves gastric feedback directly forwarded to volley Ibra. Casillas did not move slightly hold this hard kick. However, 62 minutes, coach Pep Guardiola from the sidelines furiously. Sergio Busquets referee issued for committing a violation of Marcelo. This second yellow card Busquets forced out of the game. Underdeveloped Madrid 1-0 to make his opponent's frustration despite playing with ten players. Manuel Pellegrini put Karim Benzema by pulling out Ronaldo, Raul and enter. But not many opportunities but the chance Benzema 71 minutes but still far from the goal wide Valdes. Benzema earned the opportunity again to-86 minutes. But again, keep disciplined pertahannya Puyol. Fatal while trying to equalize, 90 minutes, turn the referee expelled Lassana Diarra. With the same number of players, Barca more pressing. Messi almost added advantage, unfortunately the kick was still thin on the Madrid goal. 1-0 score did not change until the game ended.


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