Messi Favorites Player of the Year 2009

Five names into nomination for best player version of FIFA 2009. Barcelona won ukses deliver world championships Club makes the star, Lionel Messi, favorite title of the world's best player version of FIFA. The announcement will be made at FIFA headquarters in Zurich this evening. Messi had to pick up the title before the prestigious Ballon d'Or which makes it the best in Europe, and bring Barcelona won six titles during the year 2009. The only defect is the appearance of bad Messi with Argentina. As reported by AFP, duo Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka, also included in the list of five players nominated. But Messi beat two seeded players. Previously, Messi had lowered them in Ballon d'Or earlier this month. In addition to the footballer men, FIFA will also give awards to the footballer's daughter. The Brazilian player, Marta, was honored favorites, competing with fellow countryman, Cristiane, the German duo, Birgit Prinz and Inka Grings, and Kelly Smith [English]. FIFA will also announce the best team this year, while the award Ferenc Puskás, will be submitted to the best goalscorer.


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