All The Efforts Deployed, Barcelona World Champion!

Barcelona managed to complete the triumph of 2009 with all the Club World title. Estudiantes de La Plata 2-1 bent through an extension. Barcelona took all the energy and ability to pluck a dramatic 2-1 victory over Estudiantes de La Plata in the Club World Cup final in Abu Dhabi, Saturday (19/12) night. The success that makes Barcelona the sixth success throughout 2009 after successfully won the Copa del Rey, Spanish Primera Liga, Champions League, Spanish Super Cup and European Super Cup. Shown without Andres Iniesta, Pep Guardiola looks troops lack creativity in midfield. Guardiola chose quarterback duo Sergio Busquets and Seydou Keita to assist Xavi Hernandez in midfield and Thierry Henry as a complementary trident attack. On the other hand, according to coach wants Alejandro Sabella, Estudiantes appeared focused and solid. Estudiantes was not in a hurry to build attacks and selecting master field inch by inch. After a half hour match minimal opportunity, Estudiantes surprising Barcelona. 37 minutes, Juan Diaz shot a welcome feedback stomach with a header from Mauro Boselli accurate. Victor Valdes could not prevent the ball nestled in the net. Estudiantes had one goal lead. After a pause, Guardiola injected by replacing Keita aggressiveness and played Pedro Rodriguez. However, Estudiantes defense is still difficult to penetrate. Not much space available for free to Barcelona players fired shots into the goalkeeper Damian Albil. Ibrahimovic was played under the best appearance. Two opportunities to obtain this lanky striker failed to bear fruit balancing goals. First, early second round, despite Ibra in the penalty box. But, the kick from the left lateral sector of the goal Albil thin. Second, 79 minutes, although free-standing welcomes feedback Xavi, Ibra header aimlessly. When Guardiola Jeffren Suarez entered to fill the position of Henry, the concentration Estudiantes began to disintegrate. Entering the final minutes of the game, Gerard Pique in defense spending opponents. The initiative was successful as berjibaku Pique welcomed a ball up, Pedro sundulannya connected with another header from a pass Albil range. 1-1 and the match score back to life! Barcelona confirmed the victory in the first half of extra time, in 110 minutes. Almost exactly like the process Boselli goals, and opportunities wasted Ibra, Dani Alves gastric feedback welcomed Messi with his chest. Messi's position in the face of goal to make the ball freely Albil ripped Estudiantes goal. Barcelona growing confidence thickened, while Estudiantes began suffered fatigue. Organizer Juan Sebastián Verón attacks seen often on foot and had threatened through dead balls. At the last minute match, Estudiantes almost equalized. Veron's free-kick was met with a header from Leandro Desabato. Luckily, the ball flew into the side of a thin Valdes goal and failed to prevent Barca victory. 2-1 score stood until the referee Benito Archundia of Mexican end game. Lineup: Estudiantes Albil; Diaz, Rodriguez, Cellay, Desabato; Re / Rojo (90 '+), Perez / Nunez (79'), Benitez / Sanchez (77 '), brána, Veron; Boselli. Barcelona Valdes, Alves, Abidal, Pique, Puyol; Busquets / Toure (79 '), Keita / Pedro (46'), Xavi; Messi, Henry / Jeffren (83 '), Ibrahimovic.


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