Ronaldinho Has Been The "Back"

Ronaldinho resurrection is inseparable from the trust of the coach and president of the club against him. After experiencing difficulties in the early season with AC Milan, Ronaldinho finally returned to the top performance. He was born again. Brazilian star reveals the secret of his resurrection. "Coach gave me confidence. Also, I play like I used to do in Barcelona," Ronaldinho said. "Fans and the team supported me fully. This is what makes things easier. This is the perfect moment for me. Now, my head and my body really is very good," he explained. According to Ronaldinho's current achievements can not be separated from the trust of the club president Silvio Berlusconi. The reason that urged Berlusconi to recruit Ronaldinho Milan. "I am pleased with the trust given by President Berlusconi to me. This is an additional motivation for me and I am ready to pay for it by providing the best for Milan," Ronaldinho said. He continued, "He has done many things that I could join Milan. For me, the President Berlusconi is number one."


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