Drawing 16 Of Champions League

Drawing the last 16 Big 32 Champions League and Big League Europa was held today at UEFA Headquarters Building, Nyon, Switzerland. Occurred two games cons Italian English club in the Champions League! UEFA finally released the results of a phase drawing autumn 2009/10 Champions League, today, the mistress, Switzerland. Of the eight action to be held on February 17 and 16, there were two parties who stole the attention. Serie A champions Inter Milan will face a semi-finalist last season's Champions League from England, Chelsea. That means Jose Mourinho will be met with a club that had handled it during the four seasons. Other Party of the Italian team of counter English club is Milan against Manchester United. The two teams are known as the king of competition in each country. There were six other games that is not less exciting was the VfB Stuttgart will face defending champion Barcelona, Olympiakos face Girondins Bordeaux French deputy, to face Fiorentina Bayern Munich, Sevilla challenging CSKA Moscow, Olympique Lyon face Real Madrid and FC Porto duel against Arsenal. For the fall schedule phase will be slightly different this year. For the first time, 16 large round will be held in four weeks. The first leg will be divided in two game sessions, the action to be held on 16 and 17 February and 23-24 February. For the second leg, also changed, in which will be held on 9, 10, 16 and March 17. More complete schedule will be announced by UEFA in the near future. This Lottery Results Big 16 Champions League: VfB Stuttgart - Barcelona Olympiakos - Bordeaux Inter Milan - Chelsea Bayern Munich - Fiorentina CSKA Moscow - Sevilla Lyon - Real Madrid Porto - Arsenal AC Milan - Manchester United


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