Barca Best Since 1991

Spanish club, Barcelona, crowned as the best club in the time period of the last 18 years. In the second position is Manchester United, while Real Madrid and Juventus share a place in the top three. Honor is given by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS), as quoted by the official Barcelona website. Statistics that puts Barca in the first position of the calculation is based on the domestic leagues and tournament trophies, as well as international competitions in all six football confederations and FIFA tournaments dihelat since January 1, 1991 through December 31, 2009. Since the calculation of the start was made, Barca has collected more than 27 trophies. It consists of nine Spanish League trophies, three Copa del Rey, seven Spanish Super Cup, three Champions League trophies, three European Super Cup and each one Cup Winners Cup and Club World Cup. All the achievements made Barca rewarded with 807 points, ahead of Chelsea in second position with 726 points. Real Madrid, which is hostile to heavy Barca in Spain, collecting 633 points, equivalent to those owned by Juventus from Italy. Meanwhile sekota two Italian clubs, AC Milan and Inter Milan respectively in positions five and six of these IFFHS counting. Meanwhile, Bayern Munich was the only German club in the top 10 with seven ranks. Two English clubs, Arsenal and Chelsea, respectively in positions eight and ten, interspersed Argentine club River Plate. List of 10 Great: 1. FC Barcelona (807 points) 2. M. United (726 points) 3. Real Madrid (633 points) 3. Juventus (633 points) 5. Milan AC (620 points) 6. Inter Milan (605 points) 7. Bayern Munich (599 points) 8. Arsenal (594 points) 9. River Plate (503 points) 10. Chelsea (491 points)


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