Kaka Back To Milan?

Speculation Kaka's return to San Siro began to develop. Real Madrid star will take the steps referred to surprise with a return to San Siro and returned wearing a Rossoneri jersey. Action at the El Real Kaka 1-0 defeat of Athletic Bilbao reap scathing criticism from the Spanish media. U.S. bahkann announces: "Kaka is unsatisfactory performance, far from the title of the world's best players." Spanish daily also never stopped referring to the price of € 65 million and relate them to have Kaka appearance also maximal. "He failed to bring about change and coach Manuel Pellegrini does not seem to know how to maximize the role of Kaka," the U.S. claims. This news got a reaction from Italian media claiming Kaka has the potential to return to San Siro.


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