CR9 Athletes With Most Fans

Almost in every game, Cristiano Ronaldo became the target opponent supporters shouting. Although the attack could also be a laser, so it CR9 athlete with the most number of fans. Since he was at Manchester United, Ronaldo has become a controversy. Problem severity was clear the ball, no doubt, but on the other side that looks arrogant demeanor and impressed 'tengil' made him many enemies in the stands. It's not a new thing again if he can be pitched screams from the fans booed the other team, in Spain he just got hit by a laser attack that also came from the stands. Although not seen much sympathy for the Portuguese midfielder, but the fact is Ronaldo just so athletes with the most number of fans. Thus the data collected on the social networking site Facebook As quoted by Marca, the fans earlier in the week Ronaldo a prime number in 2010 reached 3,203,258 people. With these numbers Real Madrid winger was a sportsman with the fans in the world. CR9 beat the best player in 2009, Lionel Messi, the world number one golfer, Tiger Woods and NBA legend, Michael Jordan. Even Pele, Maradona or David Beckham can not match the number of fans that football player 24 years. Becks is now a football player who most closely approaches the number of fans CR9. England midfielder is now being loaned to AC Milan is "only" got 2,491,873 fans, or 700,000 less than the juniors. Meanwhile, Lionel Messi fans numbered 1,901,827. Of all sports, athletes are most likely fans of Ronaldo is Roger Federer. World number one from Switzerland was recorded to have as many as 3,183,681 fans. Behind him the fastest man on the track swimming, Michael Phelps, who had fans numbered 2,869,351 people. "A lot of people hate me, but there are many more who love me and support me," Ronaldo said some time ago. On Facebook just Michael Jakson (more than 10 million) and Barack Obama (more than seven million) who have more fans than Ronaldo. Besides these two, Ronaldo is still less than Starbucks (5,302,528) and Coca Cola (4090521). Facebook is also unique in that the group appears to hate Ronaldo. But their number is minimal because only reached number 108,865. Athletes with the most number of fans on Facebook: Cristiano Ronaldo: 3,203,258 Roger Federer: 3,183,681 Michael Phelps: 2,869,351 David Beckham: 2,491,873 Rafael Nadal: 2,232,551 Michael Jordan: 2,100,683


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