Vieira official Owned City

The news became a reality, too. Patrick Vieira was finally resigned from Inter Milan and returned to England. Ex-Arsenal captain joined Manchester City. Issues surrounding the inclusion of Vieira with The Citizens already busy in the last few days. Even the French midfielder was the way it was good-bye to Inter. By joining it to the City, the 33-year-old midfielder was again met with the former Inter manager Roberto Mancini. The boss calls, although Vieira elderly remains a world-class midfielder. "Patrick is a world-class midfielder with a winner mentality that would fit for this squad," Mancini said as reported by Reuters. "He knows me and my staff, more importantly he was also very familiar with the Premier League. He will not take long to adapt." Vieira bigger names at the time to strengthen Arsenal in the period 1996-2005. He finally left the club to move to Italy and played for Juventus in the 2005/2006 season. Only one season there, he later emigrated to strengthen Inter. In the era of Mancini, he got a place in the main squad, but not so when he sticks his coaching move to Jose Mourinho. This is what later made him decide to move.


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