FIFA Set To Award First World Cup players

FIFA gives special recognition to the only player in 1930 World Cup participants who were still alive. Francisco Vallo, 100 years, still remember everything. Male 20 years old when the Caps in Argentina 1930 Uruguay World Cup this could not forget the leather ball is used throughout the tournament, was forced to play with the injury because there is no substitution rules, and of course the legendary final game. Vallo was the only participants of the first World Cup is still alive. Last week, Vallo birthday-100 in his hometown near Buenos Aires. According to Reuters, the experience of the FIFA gives special recognition to Vallo. Similar award was given to the legends like Pele, Franz Beckenbauer and Bobby Moore. "All my life I have never received an award like this," he said with tears in her eyes, Friday (12 / 2) ago. During his career, Varallo nicknamed "little cannon". Varallo has played soccer since the age of 14 years to Gimnasia de Plata before moving to Boca Juniors from 1930 until his retirement. In the World Cup, Varallo injury in the match against Chile, and absent when the semi-finals. However, Varallo take part when Argentina surrendered dramatically from the host Uruguay, 4-2, in round the top. "I played all my heart in the second half and I could feel the pain in the knee. We have to play with ten players and then another one of our players injured," he recalls. "My injury was when I hit a sliding kick, a kick that might have produced the winning goal for us. I have trouble walking. Henceforth, Uruguay forces recovered and with all due respect to colleagues, my teammates, we were not brave enough. I still upset to this day. " On the same occasion, the president of Argentine football federation (AFA) Julio Grondona also specifically provides a uniform national team back Argentina numbered 100 with the name "Varallo".


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