"Tom Henning Ovrebo" Controversial Referee

Tom Henning Ovrebo, the referee who had just led the match Bayern Munich vs. Fiorentina in the first leg last 16 of the Champions League, is a controversial referee who led the fight konta Barcelona Chelsea hot on the semi-finals of the Champions League 2008/09. Ovrebo again become a hot due to the controversial decision legalizing Miroslav Klose scored the goal Sebastian Frey. These goals should not be legalized because the referee in the replay clearly visible Klose has been in the off-side position to welcome feedback after Ivica Olic header. Not only that. Previous Ovrebo controversial decision also provides for a red card issued to Massimo Gobbi considered nudged Arjen Robben. Practical, La Viola is only playing with ten players from the 73 minutes. We may still remember the incident in the second leg of the semi-finals of the Champions League last year that took place at Stamford Bridge. In the game, Ovrebo not give a penalty for Chelsea, but clearly there is a Barca player offense. Azulgrana were swept into the final against Manchester United. There are some bald-headed referee's decision is deemed harmful stronghold The Blues that failed to appear in the final fight. Didier Drogba is the toughest player asked to Ovrebo excoriation. After the match, appeared some speculation that the League has done a conspiracy to sabotage Chelsea to appear in pemuncak fight. UEFA party has denied any such indication. Ovrebo also had received death threats due to its controversial decision. He has ever felt frustrated with the existing condition, even he had planned to retire from the world of soccer and become a priest. Note Ovrebo-game lead in the Champions League matches this season was almost the same as last season's performance. This season, he has led the four Champions League matches by giving a red card (cons Bayern Fiorentina match last morning) and 14 yellow cards. Last season, he led seven Champions League matches by giving two red cards and 28 yellow cards.


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