Through SMS, Cheryl Cole To Divorce

Cheryl Tweedy patience of Ashley Cole's behavior was already meet the limit. Sexy singer from Girls Loud's plans to divorce Cole through short messages aka sms. Cole is now being threatened fines of related club affair with her case the United States, Ann Corbitt, while Chelsea toured to Seattle last summer. Crushed ladder has fallen too, maybe it was a fitting phrase attributed to Cole. Called by Dailymail, Cheryl seemed to have no resistance to Cole who often 'play back' with another woman. Cheryl did not hesitate now to say the word apart, but it will be done through short message to her husbandCheryl is currently on vacation in Los Angeles reportedly will soon return to London to consult with a lawyer married and taking care of her divorce letter. "No more time for understanding or promise again. Cheryl will soon issue a statement at the end of this Sunday. So he could get rid of the problem," said close friend Cheryl to Dailymail. "He did not want to embarrass Ashley and will process this divorce nicely," he continued. Cheryl Cole married on July 15, 2006 after dating two years earlier. Cole actually had almost divorced in 2008 and since Cole did an affair with three women, but later forgave him Cheryl was 29 years old and had their honeymoon in Dubai mid-2009.


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she should be divorce with Ashley

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