10 Reasons for Failure to Chelsea in the Champions League

Here are ten reasons behind the sense of failure Chelsea in the Champions League triumph this season. Chelsea had to bury high ambitions in the Champions League after Inter Milan away with the score 3-1 on aggregate last 16 of the last week. 1. Tactics Carlo Ancelotti is predictable Poor innovation and Ancelotti's decision to play Florent Malouda as the left back even disastrous. Ancelotti's injury problems distracted, but in the second fight he had more players selected. Itupun still can be anticipated that Jose Mourinho's Inter able to adapt well. Frank Lampard and Michael Ballack did not speak much in midfield, while Branko Ivanovic and Yuri Zhirkov continually terrorized four players who bernaluri Inter attack. 2. The absence of Michael Essien As against West Ham United in the previous match, John Obi Mikel to look good, but when faced Inter Milan he was disappointing. Wesley Sneijder made Mikel inconvenience. If only Essien can play, things could be different. Essien has the energy and play a valuable capability in the European arena. 3. Decision impartial referee The first action at the Giuseppe Meazza show, referee Manuel Mejuto Gonzalez did not not give a penalty when clearly violated Salomon Kalou. In the second fight Wolfgang Stark Tampi better, but at least Didier Drogba had a chance of getting a penalty. There is no scandal - no more incidents Tom Henning Ovrebo - but Chelsea fans regrettable. 4. Weaknesses in defense Inadvertence John Terry made Diego Milito scored the opening that determines the outcome of the first fight. In the second action, mistakes at the back clearly visible. Terry performed well, but nothing more. Alex instead of making the position of Samuel Eto'o on-side and Ivanovic was unable to block speed Cameroon striker's origin. Zhirkov appeared nervous about Inter. Luckily Ross Turnbull did not appear nervous, too. 5. After they conceded a bad reaction Last season, when the decision they considered harmful Ovrebo, Chelsea began to lose focus on the game. This scenario happens again this season. Drogba roared to the referee in the first half and once again Terry was protesting the referee's decision once the game ended. Chelsea is better to change this mold into a better performance in Europe. Unfortunately, if their quality is evaporated. 6. Big name players perform poorly Chelsea could be modeled after the Inter players who make an important contribution to his team. Sneijder inject creativity in the Inter midfield, while Lucio successfully quell the movement of Drogba. In contrast, Terry and Lampard in the doldrums. Only Malouda who showed the spirit of positive play. Itupun not enough to win an important fight of Europe. 7. Substitution strategy failed When his 4-3-3 formation predictable, Ancelotti made no substitution is impressive. As it is impossible for Ancelotti to Mourinho's return strategies. Duel both teams should have a chess match. Joe Cole did not move slightly and instead provide the opportunity for Javier Zanetti to help the attack. Entry of Kalou also had a lot to change the game. 8. What's wrong with Nicolas Anelka? Throughout the season, when Drogba appeared as a single striker or side by side with Anelka, defender opponent has no high quality. Drogba and Anelka is rampant in the defense against the more inferior, but did not move slightly against the bolt escorted Inter defense Lucio and Walter Samuel. Anelka Drogba should help the work, but often isolated alone and unable to engage in the game. After the initial appearance of a good season, Ancelotti should evaluate the use of these two front players. 9. There is no investment, squad hampered progress Roman Abramovich's decision to tighten the club budget is indirectly also influence the failure of Chelsea in the Champions League. Purchase Drogba, Lampard, Ballack, Essien and Petr Cech as Chelsea made the Premier League title chase England in 2005 and 2006. If there is a fresh injection of new players such as Sergio Aguero or Alexandre Pato, probably Chelsea's appearance changed. Ancelotti now be satisfied with the appearance Kalou and Cole, who began to appear stagnant. If Abramovich is still ambitious to win the Champions League title next season, get new players invest. 10. Jose Mourinho effect In the end, these factors can not be released. The Special One. Nostalgia by the former manager of Chelsea players to make split attention. When they said he wanted the focus to win, but sloppy defense and constant protests to the referee showed the opposite. Mourinho effect does not get here alone. In the first fight, he was able to take advantage of an injury crisis for Chelsea so profits Inter. Likewise when Mourinho use the trip to Stamford Bridge to anticipate every step Ancelotti. Mourunho even joked with Ancelotti at the pre-game. Eto'o scored decisive victories of Inter, but Mourinho's tactics guaranteed path to the quarter-finals. If it loses, maybe he lost his nickname, but once again proves why he's Jose called The Special One.


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