Figure 10 Bald Top In Football

This ten star gridiron with minimal hair or completely bald, including the legendary referee Pierluigi Collina. 10. Pierluigi Collina Not complete if no mention Pierluigi Collina. Although not a footballer, he was a respected figure of the referee and legendary. He has lost his hair when he was young because of disease alopecia. His head is shaved just a trade mark Collina. Recognized as a strong referee so often lead big games. All players in the world respect the referee who has this nickname Kojak. 9. Jordan Letchkov The bald man who became a hero in Bulgaria. On the contrary, is a nightmare Yetchkov Germany in the 1994 World Cup. Tandukan of his bald head to break the German goalkeeper and delivered Bulgaria won 2-1. Ironic because in the game, Germany's first winner. However, Germany is the defending champion status must be removed by the end nonunggulan team. For Letchkov, these goals became very special because the day before he celebrates birthday-27. 8. Grzegorz Lato Often forgotten in the biggest list. And he became topskor World Cup 1974. When the world was fascinated with magic Johan Cruyff and Franz Beckenbauer was a calm, yet managed to steal the attention Lato to be top scorer. He beat German striker [West] Gerd 'der bomber' Mueller and Johan Neeskens Dutch star. Winger is easily recognizable by his bald head and also speed. 7. Roberto Carlos Real Madrid legend and one of the stars ever born Brazil. Referred to as the typical modern defender because they do not want to stare at his position. Roberto Carlos was never tired of layering up the attack with the left sector. He did not stop releasing cross but also to penetrate. In a short time, he had returned to his position as the team came under attack opponents. This can only be done by horse-powered defenders. Another specialty, the measured free-kick and hard. He scored many goals from dead balls. 6. Alfredo de Stefano While Real Madrid dominated European football with a win European Championship Cup (now Champions League), one name is always mentioned: Alfredo di Stefano. The player with the bald head at the front was never strengthen the three countries, Argentina, Colombia and Spain. However, in Stefano never got a unique nickname, aka Blonde Arrow Arrows of Bollywood! 5. Bobby Charlton Stars past Manchester United and England. Won the 1966 World Cup with England and two years later led the Red Devils win the European Cup. United became the first English team won. Her hair started falling out in the early 1960s. However, only the head of the center of the hair loss. While the left and right sides still had hair. He then lengthen the hair can still grow and then cover the bald part. His style became a trend and even the plague. Style that became known as the Bobby Charlton Comb-Over and became popular in British culture. 4. Fabio Cannavaro Models often change hair. However, Cannavaro popular with a nearly bald head while leading Italy to win the World Cup 2006. Accomplishments were glossy like head. He was selected as Player of the 2006 World Cup. The only quarterback ever elected. The most senior players in the squad and has the most caps, 132. 3. Fabien Barthez Famous goalkeeper with his head shaved. Barthez became one of the stars who brought French 1998 world champion. Success was made Barthez as the second most popular player in France after Zinedine Zidane. The moment never forgotten is his bald head always kissed defender Laurent Blanc before the game. Barthez became a controversy when he returned to the first choice in the 2006 World Cup. Because the public wants Gregory Coupet. However, Barthez who was elected as the main goalkeeper. He later became captain when Zidane was expelled in the final. 2. Ronaldo Brazil was in the squad at the 1994 World Cup-winning side. However, its contribution was so real when carrying Brazil became the world champion in 2002. He also became topskor in the grand football tournament was. In an online poll conducted in 2010, Ronaldo was chosen as Player of the Decade after collecting 43.63% of the vote. In the finals, he appeared with a unique haircut. Ronaldo shave off her hair and leave little in the end of the head. Model head 'of the crest' direct popular. More popular than when he's bald. Now, he played in Corinthians. Just a little weird when watching Ronaldo appeared with hair on his head. 1. Zinedine Zidane Zidane appeared with bald head during most football career. Even coming up with hair on his head, but Zidane is better known as an alias shaved bald footballer. Amazingly, Zidane's bald head just to have commercial potential. He signed a big contract with a different brand because the head is hairless. Another coincidence, the French who won the 1998 World Cup players occupied three bald. Besides himself, there are Franck Leboeuf and goalkeeper Fabien Barthez.


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