The player who scored 4 goals in the League Champhions

Lionel Messi is not the first player to score four goals in the Champions League. 6. Lionel Messi Lionel Messi became the sixth player to successfully break down the opponent's goal just four times in one game. Five other players managed to carve something similar since the European Champions League era began. Five players were among others: 5. Andriy Shevchenko Four goals from striker nested in Ukraine took place in Istanbul on 23 November 2005, when still defend while defeating AC Milan 4-0 Fenerbahce. However, four goals are not high considering the enthusiasm reap the previous season AC Milan defeated Liverpool in the stifling of the Champions League final. "I prefer to score one goal in four matches to determine different than at the same time do it in one party," he said at the time. 4. Ruud Van Nistelrooy Bomber Dutchman scored four goals when Manchester United took a 4-1 win over Sparta Prague on November 3, 2004. Two goals printed in a way to steal backpass Sparta defender, one via the penalty spot and another one created in the period of injury time. 3. Dado Prso AS Monaco to play in matches against Deportivo La Coruna, Dado Prso status only as a substitute for the injured Fernando Morientes. But he showed the capability and getting his birthday present itself with the United States scored four goals when Monaco won 8-3 on 5 November 2003. 2. Simone Inzaghi One of the best momentum owned by the brother of Filippo Inzaghi was on March 14, 2000, where he led his team Lazio at the Olimpico won a landslide victory over Olympique Marseille, with the score 5-1. Donated four goals in this match from the possibility of scoring five goals. 1. Marco Van Basten One of the golden age of Van Basten at AC Milan, and the game against IFK Gothenburg on 25 November 1992 to one of the most remembered by fans of AC Milan, given he scored all of goals when his team won 4-0 lead. Four goals are also printed sensational enough, which led to the Ballon d'Or award at next month. .


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