Main Candidates Coach Real Madrid

Impressions are made daily Marca opinion puts Inter Milan coach as the top candidate to coach at the Bernabeu. Marca reported opinions ejak Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho has been a leading candidate to coach at Real Madrid this summer. Current position as head coach Manuel Pellegrini was under pressure. Pellegrini's position continues to shake following the failure of the Champions League and reap from the embarrassing defeat Barcelona 2-0 in front of their own publics. Pellegrini accomplishments achieved by these highly inconsistent with the huge costs that have been digelontorkan last summer by the management. When the number of star players to the Bernabeu in Boyong like Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka. But this time Madrid will likely end the season without a degree even though the fund has a large flushing. Marca wrote Pellegrini was no longer able to control the atmosphere in the dressing room and has shown as a person who no longer qualified after losing to El Clasico match. In the footsteps of the opinion page of the daily quoted the Spanish publication Mourinho puts readers in the name of Rafa Benitez, Fabio Capello, Luiz Felipe Scolari as well as Carlo Ancelotti.


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