Ronaldo admits Messi Best Right Now

If there are similarities between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are both not won anything for their respective countries. Cristiano Ronaldo said he had to admit Messi is the best in the world today. Speaking to the News of the World, Ronaldo said: "I must accept the fact that Messi is the best, because he plays in Barcelona - this exceptional team." Messi and Ronaldo to compete to be the best in Europe and the World in the last two years. Both of them beat each other. But this year far surpasses Ronaldo Messi. "Messi played exceptional during the past year, and this year," said Ronaldo. "He's incredibly moving, scoring many goals, and the team really helped," he continued. According to Ronaldo, Messi to play with people who knew him for so long. It makes everything look easy for Messi. "If you ask who the best team right now. All will say Barcelona. They won six titles from one season," said Ronaldo. Barcelona is very strong. All that, said Ronaldo, Messi helped to manifest itself as a great player. "If there are similarities with Messi me is that I have not won anything for Portugal, and Argentina's Messi has not become champions," said Ronaldo. Ronaldo believes he and Messi will be the best in the World Cup in 2010


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Messi from playing speed is more sharp, but not in regard CR9 left just like that. ronaldi game in more value possessed of art techniques and football, so what better

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