Julia Perez Want to Position of National Team Manager

Having a boyfriend Gaston Julia Perez Castano made a 'literate' soccer. Besides establishing soccer schools, Champion Soccer School, was interested in serving celebrities sexy soccer national team manager of Indonesia. For Jupe, holding a football national team manager of Indonesia is an honor. Because through that position, someone could have team pengarus to achievement. "If it's successful I may be an icon," he explained. But Jupe also realizes that she is still green in the world of football. He forced himself to plunge into the world of professional football. Jupe had to learn a lot about football coaching Indonesia. First step by forming Champion Soccer School (CSS) with the boyfriend, Gaston, and some of his colleagues. CSS was originally founded in the Kuningan area, South Jakarta. But it has now grown to three schools. "Now there are at Senayan and Simprug," he added. 'Singer' Fission Duren 'these schools seem to do serious work on the ball. Proved there were five foreign instructors hired by the CSS. "There are from Chile, Argentina, were also there. I really want to have a Latino-style team," he concluded.


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Is Jupe a man?

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