Coach Leonardo Best New Series A

Although only lasted one season at AC Milan and not incised achievement, but what remains etched Leonardo received appreciation. The Brazilian coach was awarded the best debutant coach. Last season was less than satisfactory achievement of Leonardo, the article Ambrosini et al. failed to snatch any trophies. Yet the coach who had resigned from the Milan still get the positive appreciation. As reported Football-Italy, Sunday (05/30/2010) Leonardo pm dawn Torrazzo won an award for the best debutant coach in Serie A or Serie B. Winners of this award is determined by the decision of the associate coach at the club two contestants competition. Leonardo incision in Serie A last season was 20 wins, ten series, and delana defeats. Il Diavolo Rosso scored 60 goals and conceded 39 times. Torrazzo awards granted since 2001. There was no winner of last year fell into the hands of Cagliari coach Massimiliano Allegri, who was mentioned as a strong candidate allenatore Milan.


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