Today, Benitez Official Inter Train?

Inter Milan President Massimo Moratti said the deal with Rafael Benitez has already lived the waiting time. Moratti also did not dismiss that this day was announced as coach Benitez La Beneamata. Last weekend, Moratti said that he wanted to coach Rafael Benitez is going to be Anyar Inter. Moratti said that former Liverpool manager is a coach with high talent and be able to work well, and do not make a wrong step in a big game. Now Moratti says that the agreement with Benitez has been living the waiting time. "The deal was more or less been completed. I would agree if we called him as head coach of Inter Milan announced on Tuesday (08/06/2010) this," said Moratti was quoted as saying by The Press Association. "Even so this deal was not signed. Still we have from the start after Benitez. She is a figure which we value most useful to continue the performance of Inter at the same level," added Moratti. Benitez is reported to be contracted for three years with a salary of five million euros per season. Moreover he will bring a number of assistants to the Giuseppe Meazza like Mauricio Pellegrini, goalkeeping coach Xavi Valero, fitness coach Paco de Miguel, as well as the backroom staff Amedeo Carboni. Problem is, Moratti denied this. "What is written about the duration and wages is wrong. So did about an assistant who preached all these years. We talked about many things except the transfer market." "I read a scary numbers (about salary), but that obviously we would pay in accordance with the norms that we have, we like to hire coaches before," said Moratti.


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