Official Milan Appoints Allegri

Eventually the puzzle Milan coach next season already unanswered. Massimiliano Allegri AC Milan will train up to two years into the future. After a lively discussion, Allegri really anchored to Milan shortly after the former club, Cagliari, fired the new coach. Previously, Allegri still stuck by his contract with Cagliari. AC Milan Massimiliano Allegri announced as the new first team coach. He's already signed a contract until June 30, 2012, referred to an official statement quoted by the Reuters Milan. Allegri fill the position previously Leonardo Milan and agreed to train split over who did not undergo an impressive season so criticized by Milan boss Silvio Berlusconi. Allegri's name alone may not yet well known, very well known outside Italy. But he's 42 years since successfully managed to steal attention by mixing in Sassuolo attacking football that made the club promotion to Serie B in 2008. In February, when the train Cagliari, Allegri expertise in training awarded him the Golden Bench after his fellow coaches to be fired this year's best Italian coach. Cagliari Allegri fired last April and since then more and more often linked with Milan.


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