Players Candidate Topskor In World Cup 2010

Goals Will always highly anticipated in any great World Cup performances. And usually, from hundreds of players who competed, only one or two, even three players who can score goals consistently and fairly routine. Yes, the higher difficulty levels, where each player must face the front of the best goalkeeper, best defender and midfielder lasted the best from each country that took part in a prestigious tournament that makes only a few players who can score goals continuously. However, it does not mean it will make the drag of goals. Front of the existing players are also popular despite a sharp and merciless opponent to be faced too tough. But, still, to be topskor, continuity will play an important role player who can defend and determination, sharpness and effectiveness in front of goal will be the best. 1. Lionel Messi (Argentina) Ability in Barcelona was no longer indisputable. Even in the Castrol Index's ranking list, Lionel Messi is the top ranked players. Only Messi in Argentina's ability is questionable because he has not found his best performance. World Cup 2010 South Africa will become the stage for him to prove if he can show the same capabilities as in Barcelona despite the different character of the team. 2. Wayne Rooney (England) Great expectations hanging on the shoulders of Rooney. Impresifnya appearances last season is expected to continue from club level to the England squad, and Rooney seem to be able to answer these expectations. Not just in a fit physical condition, but also have a high passion and determination can take England to become the champion this year. Barisan midfielder also provides full support for him to be topskor. 3. Fernando Torres (Spain) Injury problems have not ceased to be a troublesome thing for Liverpool striker. The reason he has recovered from the problem that forced him to miss several games Liverpoool and Spanish. Even when the trial match against Poland melakoni, Torres who had been in the field for ten minutes already direct show sharp and led Spain won 6-0. Torres also showed a fairly good graphics on the Castrol Index, which means determination and effectiveness in the play is still recognized. 4. Luis Fabiano (Brazil) Both at club level either on the national team, Luis Fabiano has already shown its quality. Seville and Brazil were reaping huge profits from these results. In the Confederation Cup in 2009 for example, where success becomes topskor Luis Fabiano. It is not impossible that the player is ranked eighth Castrol Index's continued success in the World Cup to be topskor 2010, because he meets all the requirements to have such status with the efficacy and header with just a kick. 5. David Villa (Spain) David Villa is positioned slightly to the rear in the Spanish squad today. He got a role as a striker hole. But not mean it affects sharp new position in front of goal. Goals for goals in every game often comes from the legs and head for Spain, as has been pointed out along with Valencia last season, before accepting the proposal of Barcelona. And the incision is predicted to continue to remember David Villa has been merged with the Spanish team and game scheme. He is also the condition of on fire. Less what else? 6. Antonio Di Natale (Italy) Udinese players that became the mainstay in front of the Italian sector. With its status as the attacker hole, it was not hard to break down the opponent's goal Di Natale. This has been demonstrated at club level, where he entered in the list of top scorer in Serie A last season. Position in the Castrol Index also showed charts the rise. Di Natale is now occupying the post 27 from the previous 43 months ago. 7. Luis Suarez (Uruguay) Dutch Eredivisie lovers surely know this player very well, because last season he scored 34 goals for Ajax Amsterdam, which makes topskor. Neat appearance when it was also believed to be a companion took Diego Forlan up front Uruguay. Both are now one of the best duet in Latin America. Luis Suarez is worth waiting for if can show their quality in this first international tournament. 8. Robin Van Persie (Netherlands) This player is known for tenacious in front of the opposing goal. He also has good ability in using the ball and execute a dead ball with his left foot. His role in the Dutch squad is as important as the Arsenal, the club defended. Van Persie became the mainstay in the business of hacking into the opponent's goal, though his character is not a target man. But that did not make trouble in the affairs melesakkan ball into the goal. Van Persie has potential as topskor. 9. Miroslav Klose (Germany) Is a specialist international tournament players. At club level his performance is not flashy, but different from his business when competing in the international arena. In the previous event, like any good World Cup Euro, Klose was always able to demonstrate its capability as a quality striker. His name almost always appears on the list of top topskor. Nothing wrong with this player and then a candidate for re-shine at the World Cup in 2010, as it is believed to coach Joachim Low.


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