Head to Head Netherlands vs Danish

Danish Dutch have never met in the World Cup. Duel at the Stadium, Soccer City, Johannesburg in Group E World Cup 2010, Monday (14 / 6), will be the first meeting of both teams. Dutch and Danish more often met in friendly matches. They occasionally met at the European Cup. Of the 29 record the meeting, both teams fought only four times in the European Cup. The rest of them competed in trials and once met at the Olympics. Olympic games in 1912 became the first Dutch and Danish. In a match in the semi-finals which was held on July 2, 1912, successfully destroying Danish Dutch 4-1. It at once became the biggest victory of Danish. In contrast, the Dutch created the biggest victory on March 14, 1984. Dalan's tests, slaying Danish Dutch 6-0. However, both teams beat each other. Noted Dutch won 11 times and Danes is able to pick winning eight times. Both teams played a draw ten times. Danish historic victory occurred in the semi-finals of Euro 1992. After a 2-2, Danish managed to win 5-4 on penalties. Dutch striker Marco van Basten became the only player who failed to perform an execution. The victory was important because the history of Danish eliminate the defending champion. Not only that. They managed to go to the finals and then beat Germany 2-0 favorite team. It became the highest achievement of Danish. Ten team record for the second meeting 29-05-2008 Danish Dutch trials 1-1 Danish Dutch 1-1 10-11-2001 Danish Dutch European Cup 3-0 16-06-2000 Danish Dutch 0-0 18-08-1999 Danish Dutch European Cup 2-2 22-06-1992 (Danes won 5-4 on penalties) 06-09-1989 Danish Dutch trials 2-2 14-03-1984 Danish Dutch trials 6-0 Netherlands 3-2 European Cup Danish 04-10-1967 Danish Dutch European Cup 2-0 30-11-1966 Danish Dutch 4-1 26-09-1962


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