Fabregas Kissed Boy Video Presenter

Fabregas Kissed Boy Video Presenter. In an interview the personnel of the Spanish world champion has a silly behavior. Some time ago, Cesc Fabregas is caught kissing a boy, quiet not because he's gay but because of a compulsion.
After the news continues to remain silent about the transfer from Arsenal to Barcelona that was still crowded, Fabregas is now creating a new topic to provoke lively comments from football fans because of his behavior.
Fabregas looks in a show of humor programs in the country, which often menjahili the guest stars who attended the show, titled tersebut.Televisi Spain 'Caiga Quien Caiga' s. In a final event, Fabregas was asked to kiss presenter named Raul Gomez, because the presenters have been promised that if Spain could become World Cup champion, then he will kiss one of the personnel of the Spanish players. The Gunners are the stars who have become victims of the absurdity of this event, although seen holding the shame was finally Cesc kissed presenter. Here's Video Presenter Fabregas Kissed Guys :


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