Paul Octopus Enliven The Transfer Market

Paul Octopus has not stopped making sense. Predict successful matches at the World Cup in 2010, he now participate enliven the transfer market. How come ...? As being the U.S., Thursday (7/15/2010) at the request of football fans in Spain, Paul Octopus planned to be transferred to the zoo in Madrid. Unknown at this time he was still in the Aquarium Oberhausen, Germany. Like the transfer of players, the move will involve a number of funds as compensation. It also conducted exchanges of other stars with Paul Octupus. Paul Octopus became a warm conversation on events in South Africa after successfully predict a number of important matches. Spanish society itself falls in love at a recent invertebrates known from the Italian as La Furia Roja vote than the Netherlands during the meeting both in predicting the final game.


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