Prediction Paul Octopus - 2010 World Cup Final

Prediction Paul Octopus. Spain will win the World Cup for the first time in their history on Monday morning, according to Paul octopus forecasters that still maintain a perfect record for predictions. Eight-legged forecaster, who has been a sensation at the World Cup has correctly predicted all six matches of Germany, very quickly chose Spain on Friday. Action was broadcast live by national television in Germany. Previously, two-year-old water creatures that are also predicting Germany, the country where he lived, would beat Uruguay in the struggle for third place on Sunday morning. In the routines that are familiar, two-box is lowered into the tank, each containing shells and flags plastered both teams will compete. The squid directly to the Spanish box. Then he opened the lid and ate a piece of delicious shellfish in it. But the art of prediction results of football matches has become a job that is harmful to aquatic creatures born in the UK with Germany which disappointed some fans have threatened to make sushi after he predicted the defeat of Germany in the semifinals. Paul residence, an aquarium in western Germany, has received threatening emails saying "we want Paul to our pot," said Daniel Fey, supervisor of the aquarium. "Since yesterday our colleagues continue to keep Paul," added Fey. Prediction Friday is likely to be the last for Paul, who in the world he is a retired octopus, with age that reached 2.5 years. Octopus is generally lived to the age of three years.


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