David Villa Only Want to the Premier League

A number of English clubs shall immediately excited to hear the following narrative is David Villa. The Spain striker made the Premier League as a potential new port if you migrate from Valencia. Villa's name was often associated with a number of clubs before. However, in reality 27-year-old player is so far still remains to be residents Mestalla. However, before the opening of the winter transfer market, Villa is like giving a strong signal that he was willing to "seduced" by the Premier League club from which he values as a first-class competition. "I have not ruled out anything to the club because I still only have a short career and I want to enjoy sepakbolaku," explained Villa told the Daily Star quoted by ESPN Star. "I've already got many offers, but I just want to choose the best option and it just means the Premier League, which I never close the possibilities," said Villa. This admission is probably immediately get a response from clubs like Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool - who filled the front-line tandem Villa in Spain, Fernando Torres. Manchester City are even with money can certainly meet the asking price if it joined Valencia interested in Villa.


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