Do not Remove Gattuso, Milan

Let Gennaro Gattuso more familiar with the bench can come up with the possibility of "The Rhino" leaving the San Siro. But according to a Rossoneri legend, it was not allowed to happen. Gattuso recently rumored to start giving an ultimatum to his team to be involved more in the field. Since Leonardo became coach, 31-year-old midfielder is starting bertandingnya limited frequency. Ultimatum Gattuso "standard" course. He must often played, one of them to maintain a presence in the Italian national team to the 2010 World Cup. If not, move the club into an option that can be taken. "No player likes marginalized, that's for sure. But I'm sure that when he returned to the form of performance, he will get the attention of Leonardo," commented former captain Franco Baresi to "Milan will play many games and I am sure Gattuso will get his chance to play. We know how important her determination and character. And I will not let him go from Milan," said Italy's legendary defender.


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