WAGs Reproduction, Magazine Men So Escape

All members of the England team are prohibited from having contact his wife and their lovers during the upcoming World Cup mat. To cure loneliness, the FA provides adult men's magazines. In order to focus to realize the ambitions of the World Cup and world champion, Fabio Capello has banned WAGs for being too close to his players. Although this policy was greeted positively, but not denied if it raises new problems related to 'other needs' member squad for the Three Lions. So instead, the players demanded supply of adult men's magazines during his stay in South Africa later. One of the magazines that are specifically requested by the England squad is Loaded. The magazine is one of the adult magazines which often feature WAGs-poses in sexy poses and challenging. This demand seems to be granted by the FA. The Daily Mail reported, the body of English football is even a magazine publisher has asked to send as many as 50 copies in June edition of the British training camp in South Africa. Besides banned for getting too close to the WAGs, John Terry et al are also prohibited from dealing with entertainment in cyberspace. Known, the players banned for playing with social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. "The players would like isolated. There will be no Twitter or Facebook or something like that. We (also) has lifted demand for various magazines and books for the players," said one spokesman for the FA.


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