Ronaldo Still Need Time

Real Madrid coach is hoping Cristiano Ronaldo was ready for prime La Liga action.Cristiano Ronaldo's performance in a number of pre-season game yet according to the value of team management issued some time ago. Manuel Pellegrini, coach Real Madrid, reasoned if Ronaldo is not fully able to adapt to the style of team play. "In this pre-season, is still much work to be done, and Cristiano was still trying to adjust to many changes in the new country, new league. All it takes time to adapt. I think he would much better when the league rolling, "said Pellegrini told the U.S. newspaper.
Chilean architect adds, overall he was satisfied with the performance starting players are shown in the pre-season, because according to expectations when accepting the task of dealing with this star-studded team. "Now I have a lot of choices in determining the starting eleven. We will be more of the ball, creating many chances, and won the game. That's what our fans want to see in the league, "said Pellegrini. Villarreal was a former coach did not agree with the assumption that his team was thinking about the title. According to him, the main focus of the current team is full of numbers to pick the prime fight against Deportivo La Coruna. "An attitude is not wise when we're designing a long-term goals. We want to start the league with three points against Depor, and next week in week out we wanted to show if we're ready, "Pellegrini added.


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